We made our goal on Kickstarter!

Well, the $11,875 we set out to raise has been MADE with 10 days still left in the campaign! It wouldn’t have been possible without your generosity, and your persistence in sharing this story with your friends/family and on social media. Raising this amount allows us to pay for all the costs associated with finishing the film, and getting it ready for distribution.
I want to encourage you to continue to spread the word with others while this campaign is still live. We’ve come up with a “stretch goal” of $15K. The stretch goal does not change or replace the original goal in any way, it's just a way of letting everyone know we're continuing to raise more money to help get the film out there. With this extra $3,125, we would have flexibility to engage digital aggregators and distribution consultants to help get CLOSURE into more mainstream viewing audiences, such as Netflix, Hulu and iTunes.

I’m also a believer that movies exist to be watched within community. This especially stands true for CLOSURE, as it has so much to offer for post-viewing discussions. That is why any funds raised over $15K will go towards scheduling more screenings in regions where there is demand. Thank you all for your support!