Year End Update - 2013

Angela and I have been reflecting on this incredible year, and are so thankful for everyone who has supported us and this film.  To see people positively affected by Closure, and be prompted to have further discussions around trans-racial adoption has been amazing.  Personally, I don't feel ready to kick my feet up just yet  -- I feel there is still a lot of life left in this film.  Everyday there are new people discovering our film for the first time, and I hope you'll continue to help us spread the word. 

Here's a quick update of what's happening with Closure:

Digital Download Promo:  Today (12/31) is the last day to use the discount code (BIG30) to receive $3 off the digital download! (offer ends at midnight)  For those of you who purchased within the first few days of December, you may have an expired “watch” link.  This has been fixed by VHX, but on your end, you may need to do the following (if your link is not working):

  1. Visit the Closure "Watch" page.

  2. Click "Forgot Password", and follow the steps to reset your password.  You'll then be taken to the "Watch" page, where you can stream Closure or begin downloading to your computer. 

Amazon:  Our DVD is now available for purchase on  If you’ve already seen Closure, we’d love it if you could head over to our Amazon page and write a quick review and rate the film.  It can be anonymous, and as short as one sentence.  Anything would be helpful!

IndieFlix streaming:  Closure is now available to stream on IndieFlix.  IndieFlix is a subscription based streaming service similar to NetFlix, but for thousands of smaller independent films.  It’s $6.99 per month.  Here’s a link to sign up if you’re interested. 

NYC & Philadelphia:  Angela and I are taking an East Coast trip this January!  We’re screening the film in NYC on 1/25, and in Philly on 1/26 and will be present for Q&A's at both.  We’d love to see you there!


Happy Holidays!

Angela's birth family attends Bellingham screening

Last weekend I fulfilled a dream that I’ve had for a couple of years.  Closure screened in front of two sold out audiences in Bellingham, Washington at the Pickford Film Center.  Bellingham is the town where Angela was raised, and where her parents still reside.  To add to the festivities, Angela’s birth mother (Deborah) and birth sister (Carolyn “Na-Na”) flew out from Chattanooga, Tennessee to be in attendance.  The first stop after picking them up at the SeaTac airport was a Ferris Wheel ride on Seattle's waterfront.  With both Angela and Na-Na possessing a slight fear of heights, there were tears of laughter as we swung, suspended in the air, with breathtaking views of the water and Seattle skyline.  In retrospect, this was symbolic of the emotional "ride" that was to be this entire weekend.  

I shouldn’t be the one to speak to this, but I imagine it was difficult for Deborah to watch the film, and relive some of those moments and get a glimpse into Angela's lifelong struggle and desire to know where she came from.  After the Q&A of the first showing, I stood in the lobby and watched person after person go up to both Deborah and Na-Na, hugging them, thanking them for coming, offering kind words about their courage, and thanking them in general for opening up their lives for the film.  It was truly touching.

Many of you were unable to get in to the show, and several of you even asked the theater manager to bring the film back.  Good news! They listened to you and have invited Closure back in October, to be a part of the Pickford's annual Doctober Festival (a month long celebration of documentaries)!  Exact showing dates/times are still being finalized and will be announced at a future date.   In the meantime, here are a few photos from this weekend.