East Coast Trip - January 2014

January East Coast Trip:  On 1/25/14 Closure at the Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (part of the New York Public Library) in Harlem.  The evening was unforgettable.  A discussion panel afterwards consisted of Angela, Susan Harris O'Connor, and April Dinwoodie - all transracial adoptees.  The audience was truly in for a treat to hear from these incredibly articulate, strong Black women.  They handled audience questions with poise, and some audience members poured their hearts out to all.  As I sat back observing and taking pictures, I was reminded of something that has been true at each screening we've had.  After people see Closure, they are compelled to share, and to connect.  It's nothing I did as the filmmaker, but it's the story.  Some stories can evoke responses out of people who may have been silent otherwise, and that's powerful.  One birth mother who attended wrote a blog post about her experience at the screening, which I've linked HERE.  To quote her:

This movie was a reminder of the power in using my voice to tell my story.


The next night, we screened at Swarthmore College, just outside of Philadelphia, PA.  Many wonderful people took part in the planning of this event, and we thank Open Arms Adoption for playing a huge role in making that night possible.  For me, our East Coast trip could be summed up by the following revelation: Nothing is more powerful than telling your story, and listening to others tell theirs.       

April Dinwoodie, Angela Tucker, and Susan Harris O'Connor on the panel at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, NYC. 

April Dinwoodie, Angela Tucker, and Susan Harris O'Connor on the panel at the Schomburg Center in Harlem, NYC. 

Our generous hosts for the Swarthmore, PA screening. 

Our generous hosts for the Swarthmore, PA screening. 

For adoptees still searching for the first/birth families. 

Visit our SCREENINGS page to see where we'll be playing next.  Finally, here are some of our recent mentions/publications:

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Year End Update - 2013

Angela and I have been reflecting on this incredible year, and are so thankful for everyone who has supported us and this film.  To see people positively affected by Closure, and be prompted to have further discussions around trans-racial adoption has been amazing.  Personally, I don't feel ready to kick my feet up just yet  -- I feel there is still a lot of life left in this film.  Everyday there are new people discovering our film for the first time, and I hope you'll continue to help us spread the word. 

Here's a quick update of what's happening with Closure:

Digital Download Promo:  Today (12/31) is the last day to use the discount code (BIG30) to receive $3 off the digital download! (offer ends at midnight)  For those of you who purchased within the first few days of December, you may have an expired “watch” link.  This has been fixed by VHX, but on your end, you may need to do the following (if your link is not working):

  1. Visit the Closure "Watch" page.

  2. Click "Forgot Password", and follow the steps to reset your password.  You'll then be taken to the "Watch" page, where you can stream Closure or begin downloading to your computer. 

Amazon:  Our DVD is now available for purchase on Amazon.com.  If you’ve already seen Closure, we’d love it if you could head over to our Amazon page and write a quick review and rate the film.  It can be anonymous, and as short as one sentence.  Anything would be helpful!

IndieFlix streaming:  Closure is now available to stream on IndieFlix.  IndieFlix is a subscription based streaming service similar to NetFlix, but for thousands of smaller independent films.  It’s $6.99 per month.  Here’s a link to sign up if you’re interested. 

NYC & Philadelphia:  Angela and I are taking an East Coast trip this January!  We’re screening the film in NYC on 1/25, and in Philly on 1/26 and will be present for Q&A's at both.  We’d love to see you there!


Happy Holidays!