San Francisco Documentary Film Festival

I was born in San Francisco and raised in the North Bay Area, before moving up to Seattle in 2004 for college.  So to bring CLOSURE back to SF was a huge honor for me.  We flew down to attend the screening on 6/8 at the Roxie Theater in the Mission District, which I was told is San Francisco's oldest continually operating movie theater.  The audience response was overwhelmingly positive, and it was especially touching for me to speak with many people afterwards and hear of how CLOSURE had moved them.  Many thanks to all who came out, and if you know anyone in SF who may like to see it, CLOSURE will be screening on 6/13 in SF and 6/22 in Santa Cruz.  Enjoy these photos, which were taken by Chelsea Peck (of Mr. & Mrs. Something, who did the original music for the film).