CLOSURE - now playing at (your local theater)

We're excited to announce a partnership with Tugg to help bring CLOSURE into local movie theaters across the United States!  In recent years, Tugg has been successful in helping many indie films get one-off screenings in theaters based on their crowdsourcing model.  While Tugg is financially risk-free for all parties involved (host, filmmaker, theater), it does require effort through crowdsourcing to help pre-sell enough tickets to ensure the screening is booked.  We've had interest from a handful of adoption groups and agencies about screening CLOSURE, and I feel Tugg is a wonderful resource to help make those screenings happen! 



How it works: 

  • YOU select the theater, date, & time, Tugg reserves the theater
  • Tugg provides you with an event page for your screening - people can buy tickets through this event page
  • Tugg provides you with promotional tools & stategies
  • All of the costs involved with the screening are covered by the Threshold (a certain amount of tickets that need to sell in order for the event to take place), which means the only money you pay is for a ticket to the film itself.  
  • You can eventize your screening by making it a Fundraiser or hosting an Introduction, Discussion, or Q&A
  • If the event meets the threshold the screening is confirmed and you (the "host") receive 5% of tickets sales following the event.  If the event does not meet the threshold it is called off and no one is charged for the tickets they reserved. 

The CLOSURE title page can be found here.  For more information about how Tugg works visit their FAQ page.  If you are interested in screening CLOSURE through Tugg, don't hesitate to email me as I'd love to help promote it with you!