Closure now streaming on Netflix

We are beyond excited that Closure is now available to stream on Netflix! Please share with your friends, and if you have a Netflix account, please rate the film or even write a short review (NOTE: A review doesn't have to be super in depth - it can be as short as you want it to be). Ratings and reviews really impact how people discover new films on Netflix, so we would really appreciate your help there. Here is the direct link to our page where you can watch, rate, and review:

-Bryan & Angela

New webshow featuring young adoptee voices

Angela Tucker of Closure is beginning a new webshow where she invites young adoptees and foster youth to chat about "the adopted life" and what that means to them.  Here is the first pilot episode, featuring transracial adoptees Ella (9) and Ariana (10) discussing birth families, being a different color than their adoptive parents, and how they handle bullies at school.  The show is edited and produced by Angela's husband (and Closure filmmaker), Bryan Tucker.  Give it a watch!

If you know a young adoptee or foster child that is interested in being on the show, please fill out the submission form here.  Bryan and Angela are currently exploring sponsorship opportunities for future episodes, so if your adoption agency or group is interested in being a sponsor, please contact Angela at

Cyber Monday - 50% off Closure digital download

Happy Holidays! On Cyber Monday (12/1/14) we're offering 50% off our Closure digital download! Even better, if you would like to "gift" the digital download to someone for Christmas, you can select to have it sent to them on Christmas day! All you need to do is enter the person's email address, and they'll receive an automated email with a link to stream and/or download the film. 

How did you first discover Closure?

Today, more and more independent films are taking the path of self-distribution, like Closure has. With so many powerful tools available for first time filmmakers like myself, combined with cheaper camera gear/editing software, the possibilities for independent film can appear to be endless. However, one major challenge with self-distribution is gaining access to information about who your audience is, and how they prefer to view your film. With that in mind, please help us out by spending 30 seconds of your time answering this quick multiple-choice (anonymous) survey, sharing how you first discovered and watched Closure. This will give us great insight in how to continue to promote the film to wider audiences, and it will help me as a filmmaker in my future projects. Thank you!

--Bryan Tucker